Healthcare Marketing: Service Line Strategies & Beyond

As healthcare marketers, we understand the challenges – no, opportunities – before us. Doing more with less, fostering innovation while (let’s not forget) increasing ROI all contribute to new ways to market to consumers. As consumers take a more active role in their healthcare decisions, healthcare marketers must take note and adapt in order to remain relevant.

In the following e-book, we uncover opportunities where marketing can make meaningful contributions to a healthcare organization, including:

  • Specific marketing initiatives
  • Digital marketing best practices
  • A proven roadmap for success

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The Buyer's Guide to MA Software

In this second installment of our 3-part buyer’s guide series, we review marketing automation platforms. Marketing automation will help drive revenue for your company with an automated system. It has all the benefits of backseat driving without the “being annoying” part. Download our marketing automation buyer’s guide to learn more.

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Personalized Email Marketing Services: A Within3 Success Story

With time and budget constraints in today’s world, it is essential to automate processes that are currently executed manually. In the following case study, we explore how Within3, a digital healthcare collaboration solutions provider, partnered with Hileman Group to help improve Within3’s demand generation strategy through marketing automation.

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6 Reasons You Need an Agency for Your Next Marketing Automation Campaign

Even when a marketer finds a strategic approach that works, the rapid advancement of technology can quickly turn successes into failures. Your marketing automation platform is the core of your marketing initiatives (think content marketing, demand generation and lead nurturing). When used correctly, you can manage and optimize every step of your marketing and sales process. But, do you know if you’re using your marketing automation platform to its full capability? In the following article, we illustrate 6 reasons you need an agency for your next marketing automation campaign.

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Marketing Automation Matters

Marketing Automation is defined as the outlined approach and specialized software used to organize the previously disconnected process between brand awareness and lead conversion.

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